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Australia's Largest Publicly
Listed Packaging Company

Pro-Pac Packaging forms part of the industrial packaging arm of Pro-Pac Packaging Limited,
Australia's largest publicly listed packaging company that is a one-stop source for all your packaging needs.


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About Pro-Pac Packaging

Pro-Pac Packaging was originally established in 1987. The main focus of the company at that time was the manufacture and distribution of a biodegradable void fill product to the industry.

As this product was the only such product in the marketplace at that time, Pro-Pac rapidly established itself as the market leader of innovative packaging solutions.

It was soon recognised that the company could provide a total packaging solution to its customers. Pro-Pac rapidly expanded its product range to include a vast array of industrial packaging products including:

  • Void Fill
  • Cartons
  • Stretch and Shrink Film
  • Packaging and Specialty Tape
  • Labels
  • Polybags and Plastic Products
  • Protective Cushioning and Wrapping
  • Safety Wear and Equipment
  • Strapping and Strapping Accessories
  • Warehouse Tools and Accessories
  • Janitorial Products
  • Packaging Tools and Machinery

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