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Australia's Largest Publicly
Listed Packaging Company

Pro-Pac Packaging forms part of the industrial packaging arm of Pro-Pac Packaging Limited,
Australia's largest publicly listed packaging company that is a one-stop source for all your packaging needs.


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Pro-Pac Packaging’s Quality Commitment

At Pro-Pac Packaging the pursuit of excellence is a company-wide objective. With Pro-Pac Packaging’s management demonstrating a real commitment to quality service and products; our employees welcome the challenge for continuous improvement and welcome customer feedback on how we can improve. We continually work to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Benefits of Pro-Pac Packaging ‘s Quality Commitment include:

  • We inspect our products to ensure that the quality of our products is consistent with the specifications of the product.
  • We source products from suppliers with the objective of getting the best combination of value and quality for our customers.
  • Our Quality Management Systems and processes are continually reviewed and assessed with the objective of improving the reliability of our internal operations to exceed customer requirements;
  • We measure and monitor customer satisfaction and take corrective actions in any areas where problems occur.

Pro-Pac Packaging’s objectives for quality include:

  • Servicing our customers promptly and professionally.
  • Respecting our contractual obligations by doing the right thing the first time, on time, every time and to the customer’s satisfaction.
  • Providing confidence to our customers that we will achieve the expected requirements for quality in our products and services.
  • Providing confidence to management and personnel that the requirements for quality are being fulfilled and maintained, and that quality improvement is taking place.
  • Maintaining and continuously improving the quality of our products and services by effectively controlling all activities to ensure that all quality system requirements are being fulfilled.

Our management are committed to actively and visibly fostering the quality policy throughout the company, covering all activities and all customers. They will do so by:

  • Ensuring that the personnel understand and implement the quality policy.
  • Ensuring that the personnel have objectives for quality consistent with the overall company’s objectives
  • Initiating, managing and following up on the implementation of the quality policy and the quality system.
  • Providing adequate resources and training to support the quality system implementation and development.
  • Not accepting any deviations from the quality policy
  • Reviewing the quality system periodically to ensure its continuing suitability and effectiveness.
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